The Waldorf Works blog was created by the Outreach Committee of the Waldorf School of Baltimore. Here you will find a compilation of data, media, articles and original content, exploring issues in education in general and in Waldorf Education in particular. We welcome your entries: original content, links to relevant articles, on any relevant topic. Please send submission to AsafKathy or Paige.

About the Waldorf School of Baltimore

The Waldorf School of Baltimore educates and inspires children to think, feel, and act with depth, imagination, and purpose. Waldorf Education is based on the insights of philosopher and educator Rudolf Steiner.

The Waldorf School of Baltimore offers a finely tuned, proven educational program that carries students along a continuous developmental path to produce young adults with distinctive self –possession and an inner focus they bring to their life and work. The curriculum is unique—it nurtures each student’s intellectual, social, physical, and emotional needs by introducing concepts and techniques at specific developmental stages, when students can best assimilate them.

Waldorf focuses its pedagogy on teaching students how to live with confidence in the world. Students learn that knowledge — be it in math, science, literature, art, or a foreign language — provides tools for enhancing their lives and the lives of their communities.

One of the characteristics of a Waldorf education is the incorporation of practical real-world contexts into lessons. For example, math is not viewed simply as an abstract discipline, but as a tool for discovery and problem solving. Great literature, visual art, music, and movement, are a part of the developmental curriculum from the earliest grades onward.

The curriculum is connected to the world, and students practice what they learn through field trips, activities, and community events.


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