Fun & Games

img_0429Fun and Games was the topic of the final two days of our Faculty Work Week. Playworks, a national non-profit organization, supports our endeavors to incorporate healthy, inclusive play for every student into every school day.

Our trainer, Sean, enthusiastically shared some of his techniques for building rapport, using signals and attention getters, implementing transitions, establishing rules and consequences, positive reinforcement, and teaching to all learning styles. He expanded our repertoire of cooperative games and demonstrated how more competitive sports can be transformed into cooperative recess activities.

We took a break from the heat, into the comfort of air conditioning, to catch our breath and engage in lively discussions. The value of recess and play; how to implement systems consistently; role modeling; positive & inclusive language; and executing changes were just a few topics that heightened our anticipation for the arrival of students. Devoting this time to recess and outdoor play helps unify our approach to promote inclusion. We are using these techniques to teach students how to play well together, resolve conflicts, and develop leadership skills.

A Playworks trainer will return to our school to observe recess and offer feedback so we can continue to provide a positive recess experience for our students. In the meantime, we are having fun, joining and observing students in games of: Switch, Olympic Four Square, Jump Rope, Partner Challenge, Squirrels in Tree, and so much more!

To read more about Playworks, and research on play, visit:

Joyfully yours,
Cate Mulvihill
Student Life Director

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” – Plato


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